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I'm a Christian

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well, despite the fact that I should be working on homework, I made this place. I'm not sure why; I already have a blog. But maybe this one will be for different things, more spiritual possibly. Who knows? God does, of course, but I don't.

So anyway, I guess I'll start. I'm not going to introduce myself or anything really; this is the internet and too much personal information is dangerous no matter how safe you think you are. So on to the actual blog part of my post...

Today was amazing! Wonderful! Church was awesome. I was playing keyboard again, and despite the fact that I don't think I did very well, other people seem to think I did. But church isn't about me, it's about God. He moved in a powerful way during the message; Pastor Dad was preaching about being filled with the Holy Spirit. I want that so bad, so I was praying, and God really spoke to me through Trinity. It was awesome. I'm just afraid that it won't last, that I'll fade back into mere uncontentment, instead of striving after God. I guess that might be why I made this page. I can't explain it right now.

I'd better go though; it's getting late, and I need to finish homework, among other things.